Theatre of War. Korea

Cenega Publishing (1C Publishing) (Proprietary)

Theatre of War 3: Korea is a war simulation strategy game developed and published by 1C Company. The game’s plot centers on the battles that happened between North Korea and the United States in 1950. It offers single player and multiplayer modes, both of which enable each player to manage armed forces of either Korea or the United States. The mechanics of the game is shown and explained in a short tutorial, which features a single objective battle. Gameplay is classified into strategic and tactical modes – the strategic approach entails decisions regarding choice of battlefields, while the tactical outcomes affect available strategic options.

Theatre of War 3: Korea offers a bevy of vehicles and artillery what players can use to launch mortar barrages and air strikes. Each soldier, vehicle, and weapon comes with a unique set of attributes and statistics that allow the player to determine an ideal combat strategy. Group control is done using any of three formations: column, line, and wedge. Both North Korean and American forces take turns moving their markers across the map to either take over an unoccupied piece of land or contend with existing occupants. Players can call for support in case their units start becoming vulnerable to the enemy.