Theatre of War

1C Company (Proprietary)

Theatre of War is a World War II real-time tactical game developed by 1C Company and published by Battlefront. It is based on actual World War II battles that took place between the years 0f 1939 and 1945, specifically in the European Theatre. In this game, the player gets to command the armed forces of five campaigns – France, Germany, Poland, UK, US, and USSR. There are more than 40 missions included in the campaigns and players can play them in any sequence or follow the actual chronology based on history. There is a defined number of units at the beginning of each mission, but players can acquire more reinforcements as they fulfill goals and advance in the game.

Each member of the squad possesses a specific skills rating, which determines their performance level in combat. Players are given several opportunities to upgrade the skill levels of their soldiers as they progress in the game. The game also offers a few standalone battles that players can take on to earn more points. Players are also allowed to customize or edit battles through a mission editor and a set of tutorials. Multiplayer gaming is also possible and the game’s engine can support a maximum of eight players.