Theatre of the Absurd CE

Gogii Games (Shareware)

the Absurd. As such, it contains bonus content and an integrated strategy guide that are not found in the standard version of the game. This game follows the story of a dark arts specialist named Scarlett Frost, who has been called to go to a remote theatre located in the cold Italian Alps.

At the center of the story is the legendary Hapsburg Cube, an artifact that is said to imprison a diabolical entity—a Babylonian demon—that is capable of wreaking havoc and massive destruction if the cube breaks. The cube is said to be in the possession of the theatre proprietor named Dr. Corvis. The Hapsburg Cube does break and the demon finds its way into the souls of Dr. Corvis and Bethany, his only daughter. The theatre then becomes an arena of spiritual battle between Scarlett Frost and the dark forces of the underworld.

Players take control of Scarlett to help her find items in several locations. The in-game journal records the story information and also contains the game objectives as well as tips for solving puzzles. There are two playing modes: Casual and Expert. There are also hints that can be used to help players locate hidden objects.