The Xceed Zip Compression Library

Xceed Software Inc. 1-450-442-2626 (Proprietary)

One of the world’s most well-known and respected compression tools and libraries. From Xceed comes The Zip Compression Library. This compression library works in conjunction with a compression tool that has a 17-year record of being one of the best in the industry. The program provides extremely secure, stable, and reliable compression tools and functions. It expands the boundaries of typical ZIP compression capabilities. When a user purchases the Xceed Data Manipulation Suite, is when he or she gets access to one of the most comprehensive data handling libraries.

The program allows the compression and extraction, or zipping and unzipping, of up to an incredible 18 petabytes of data. This is done by the harnessing of the Zip64 zip file format. The Zip64 file format allows users to create zip files of virtually unlimited size. It allows the compression of streaming data. It also supports the BZip2 compression method. This method allows for 15-25% better compression on many popular file types in comparison to the Deflate tool. The program also allows for an unlimited number of files in the zip file, this effectively eliminates the 65535 file limit. The spanned zip files that are created using Xceed are cross compatible with both the PKZIP 2.04g and PKZIP 4.6 formats.