The Wizard's Pen

PopCap (Shareware)

The Wizard's Pen is a casual PC game that was released in 2008. It was developed by PopCap, the makers of Plants vs Zombies. Players play as a wizard's apprentice. The wizard, however, has gone missing. It is up to the player to find out his master's whereabouts. To do this, the player has to look at the wizard's sketchbook to look for clues.

In this game, players are tasked to look for hidden objects in a blank piece of paper. To identify what's hidden in the page, the player needs to click on the page to slowly reveal the hidden object. More points are given when the player guesses the object with as less clicks as possible. Every time the player clicks, the time limit, in the form of a burning candle, will decrease. Potions are given that can help in revealing the images easier. To identify the hidden object, simply type in the answer on the box below the image.

There are many sketchbooks that players have to complete. Each sketchbook has 16 pages. Each page has a puzzle. Not every puzzle has the same formula as above. Others will be presented in a Mosaic style. For the mosaic, the image is blurry and every click will make it clearer. Another one is the "Memory Challenge." This mode erases the previous click every time another one is made. Once a sketchbook is completed, players are treated to side games.