The Whispered World

Daedalic Entertainment (Proprietary)

Marco Hullen created The Whispered World. It was released on April 2010 under Daedalic Entertainment. This is a single-player adventure game. Traditionally designed, it relies heavily on the point-and-click function. The two-dimensional game spans four fantasy sequences. Unlike current computer games, this one is all hand-drawn and manually animated. The Whispered World focuses on the fantasy world of Silentia.

In the game, the player takes on the character of Sadwick, a sad clown no more than twelve years old. Sadwick faces recurring nightmares of the world ending. The game starts with his surroundings falling apart. The player starts by journeying off to a forest where he meets the King's messenger. He is told to locate an oracle to discover his destiny. Sadwick must overcome several obstacles to restore balance in his dream world. As soon as he is able to do so, he wakes up in reality.

The Whispered World is a mouse-controlled adventure game. The player simply needs to use the mouse to open interactive menus during gameplay. Basic options including a use, talk, and look button for interacting with the environment and various non-player characters. Object indicators as well as those for travel points and characters can also be found on the game interface together with an inventory screen.