The Weather Channel Desktop

The Weather Channel Interactive, Inc. (Freeware)

The Weather Channel Desktop is an application that enables users to view updated weather forecasts and current temperature readings in their computer. This application provides real-time local weather forecasts, precipitation readings, and temperature readings. This application gets it weather data from the television program, The Weather Channel. This application requires an internet connection to be able give updated weather forecasts.

The Weather Channel Desktop appears as a small window on the corner of the user’s desktop. The current weather condition is represented by various icons that represent weather changes. These includes clear sunny, fair, partly cloudy, overcast, rainy, rain showers, wind, fog, thunderstorms, snow, blizzard, and many more. The Weather Channel Desktop also displays the weekly forecast that displays the weather condition in the morning and during the night. The upper right corner shows the current temperature in degrees Celsius as well as the user’s city or current location.

The Weather Channel Desktop can be customized to work with both Celsius and Fahrenheit units, animate the Weather Today section, play alert sounds, and show help tips. The Weather Channel Desktop also has a theme center where users can download and set different skins for the application. In addition, users can configure the application to be minimized in the system tray and automatically run during startup.