The Walking Dead

TellTale Games (Proprietary)

The Walking Dead is an episodic video game released by TellTale games in 2012. This game is the video game adaptation of the comic book series of the same name created by Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead features a point-and-click adventure type of game play where the characters and environment is viewed from a third-person perspective. Point-and-click adventure is a type of a video game where a player interacts with the environment by means of clicking on a particular object on the screen. By clicking, players execute actions, obtain items, move, and talk to other in-game characters. Text dialogs also appear as indicators that provide the player with information on the current game situation.

The Walking Dead currently released four episodes narrating the story of a group of survivors following a zombie apocalypse. The game features the main protagonist, police officer Rick Grimes, as he leads the survivors to find a secure place to start a settlement. The game story incorporates survival situations such as scouting for weapons and supplies, and fighting and avoiding zombies called “Walkers”. The Walking Dead incorporates role-playing elements where a character is provided with an inventory and usable items. Players can also make moral decisions that would affect their relationship with other in-game characters. In addition, the game incorporates quick time events where a player must decide or perform a set of actions under a short period of time. Failing to accomplish the correct set of actions may result on the death of a character. Unlike other video games that feature the zombie apocalypse theme, The Walking Dead focuses more on characterization and emotion rather than combat.