The Typing of the Dead

WOW Entertainment (Proprietary)

The Typing of the Dead is a typing video game that was first released for PCs in 2000. The game was created in order to enhance the typing skills of the player. It is a remake of the game House of the Dead 2, but as an alternative to shooting zombies using a gun the player must type the words that appear on the screen correctly to eliminate the zombies. Each letter typed correctly shoots a bullet that will kill the zombie. During the first few stages of the game, zombies appear on the screen one by one. As the game progresses, zombies attack simultaneously. Players who type faster kill zombies immediately. The words that need to be typed also get more difficult as the game progresses.

In addition to killing zombies that attack, players must also complete specific tasks. Some of these tasks include saving survivors, killing a specific number of zombies, and killing a boss zombie. For the boss levels, the gameplay changes a bit and players must type in the correct answers to questions to defeat the boss. The game offers three possible endings – the explosion ending, superman ending, and the bungee ending. The ending depends on the answers the player supplies for the questions.