The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen 1.0

JoyBits Ltd. (Shareware)

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen is an adventure-based hidden object game developed by the company, JoyBits Ltd. The story revolves around the character Munchausen, who is approached by a desperate princess, who wishes to be rescued from her impending marriage. Her father, the King, had given her hand in marriage to a villainous wizard, in exchange for money that will save their kingdom from poverty. It is the same wizard who stole and destroyed the “heart” of the Kingdom, which used to provide its inhabitants with wealth and happiness. Since the Baron Munchausen loves to go on adventures, he is more than happy to help the princess.

The player can choose between two game modes: casual and expert. There is a brief tutorial at the beginning of the game to help first-time players find their way through the initial missions. The player assumes the role of Munchausen, who must travel through the entire kingdom to find each of the broken gemstone pieces as it is the only way to stop the princess from marrying the wizard. There are three location types, which the player must complete. Most of the scenes involve collecting items by finding their fragments within a given area. In the item association scenes, the player is provided with images of certain items, which s/he has to drag into the scene and match with the corresponding associated items.