The SteamTool 1.1

Stefan Jones (Freeware)

The SteamTool Library Manager is an application for installing Steam games in a Steam Library that spans more than one disk drive. It requires Steam to be installed on an NTFS partition and at least one game must be installed. Games on the other hard drive will be available to play, download, and update.

It has a simple user interface. At startup, the application will display all installed Steam games from the user’s computer and all stored games in the second hard drive. It will also include the “Steam Install Location” where all games are installed and the “Storage Folder” location where all stored games are placed.

To start the transfer process, the user must first create an empty folder on the second hard drive that will store the transferred games. Next, the user must open SteamTool and select the newly-created empty folder as a storage location. Lastly, the user can simply select a game from the installed Steam games and click the “Move to Storage” button. A small status window will appear to provide status information about the transfer process. Users can also transfer Steam games from the storage folder to the Steam folder by clicking the “Move to Steam” button.

In some cases, the application may provide a notice on whether the linked games are transferred correctly in the storage folder.