The Sims Pet Stories

Electronic Arts Inc. (Shareware)

The Sims Pet Stories is a life simulation game that was released in 2007. The game is the second title in the The Sims Life Stories product line. The game is optimized for laptops and offers two game modes – story mode and classic mode. In classic mode, players have the freedom to play the game any way they want. In story mode, player must control the character and complete tasks in order to complete the storyline.

The Sims Pet Stories allow players to take care of pets. There are two stories featured in the game – Best in Show and Midnight Masquerade.

• Best in Show – Best in Show takes place in Garden Heights. Most of the residents of the town own dogs. The main character in this story is Alice Whitt, a dog owner who owes 120,000 simoleons. She must enter her dog Sam in a dog show and win the price money in order to cover her debt.
• Midnight Masquerade – This story takes place in Mesa Flats. In this story, players control Stephen, a young man who must take care of a cat while preparing for the annual Mesa Flats Midnight Masquerade.

The Sims Pet Stories is a standalone game and cannot be used with expansion packs for The Sims games.