The Sims Medieval

Electronic Arts, Inc. (Shareware)

The Sims Medieval is a life simulation adventure game developed by The Sims Studio and published by Electronics Arts, Inc. It was initially released on March 22, 2011 as part of The Sims series. The game is set in a medieval setting, where players will create a character and build up a kingdom. The Sim will be set on quests, which enables players to earn rewards called Kingdom Points. The game differs from other Sims series in one major aspect, which is the Kingdom Ambition. This is the main goal of the player – to achieve the Kingdom Ambition to win the game. The Ambitions in the game include “Fame”, “Busy Builder”, “Best in Show”, Efficient Expander”, “Imperial Domination”, “No Quest for the Weary” and more.

There are only two needs that came back from the other Sims games – Energy and Hunger. There’s also the Moodlets, which is also featured in the Sims 3. The Moodlets offers temporary boost to the Sim. Like the other Sims games, the player must complete the Sim’s daily responsibilities. In this game, the responsibilities are related to the profession. If the Sim’s isn’t able to complete the tasks, the Sim will receive a negative Moodlet. The Kingdom Ambition can be completed by using the game’s Heroes (or profession). There are 9 Heroes in the game. The success of the Sim is based on the experience, traits and focus of the Sim. The Sims Medieval also features an adventure pack – the Pirates and Nobles, which was released on August 30, 2011.