The Sims

Electronic Arts (Proprietary)

The Sims is a single-player life-simulation game that was first released on February 4, 2000 for Windows. This game works as a simulation of the player’s virtual character called Sims. The player may choose to create one or more Sims in the game.

There are three modes in the game – Live Mode, Buy Mode, and Build Mode. All the daily activities of the player’s Sims take place during the Live Mode. The Buy and Build Modes can be accessed when the player needs to construct a house/lot and buy things for the Sims. At the start of the game, the player gets 20,000 Simoleons (this is Sims’ currency), which can be used for purchasing a vacant lot or a house. After purchase, the player can construct a house or remodel it through the Build Mode. Furniture can be bought via the Buy Mode. Throughout the game, the player instructs his/her Sims to interact with objects as well as other AI Sims. Interaction is one of the major elements in the game. The player’s needs depend on how the player responds to specific interactions. The game does not have an eventual objective. However, there are certain situations that could lead to the Sims’ states of failure. For instance, if the player disregards the hunger need of the Sims, it could lead to death.