The Sims 2 EP3

Maxis, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (Shareware)

The Sims 2: Open for Business is the third expansion pack for the single-player simulation game, The Sims 2. The main theme of this expansion pack is to allow players to run a business on the Sim’s lot or a community lot. Open for Business also has a new neighborhood with a shopping district called Bluewater Village.

In Open for Business, Sims can craft items like toys, flowers, and robots. These items can be sold if the Sim has a store in the community lot. Players also have the option to set up shop right at home. Players control hiring and firing employees, choosing the products to sell, and restocking the products on the shelf. Sims can earn different talent badges for successfully completing an action (Sales, Restocking, Register, Flower Arranging, Toy Making, etc). Earning these badges has rewards, too. These include higher sales, customer loyalty, more types of products available for crafting, and more.

Another feature of Open for Business is Servos. Servos is a robot that the Sims can get create if they achieve a gold robotics badge. Servos can be a playable Sim, too. Servos performs household chores upon joining the household. The robot does not age and will not die. However, it also has needs and will destroy itself once ignored.

The Sims 2 base game must be installed in order to play Open for Business.