The Sims 2 Body Shop

Maxis, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (Bundled)

The Sims 2 Body Shop is a standalone character creation and customization application developed by Maxis for the Sims 2 game. This tool allows players to create and customize almost all parts of a Sim, the avatar used in the Sims game.

This character creation application consists of two main tools – Build Sims and Create Parts. The Build Sims tool consists of two sections. These are the Clone Sims and the Build Sims. The Clone Sims allows players to pick from an already assembled or downloaded Sims as the basis for creating a new Sim. The Build Sims tool is used for constructing different Sims part to create a new Sim. Using this tool, players can mix and match the Genetics, Faces, Facial Hair, Modifications, and other aspects of a Sim.

The Create Parts tool uses already created, downloaded or built-in Sim parts to create new parts. It consists of two tools – Start New Project and Load Saved Project. A Change Mannequin button is also available for changing the skin color of the Sim. When starting a new project, players can start creating various components of the Sims. Three categories fall under this tool – Create Genetics, Create Facial Hair, Makeup and Glasses, and Create Clothing.

The Sims created in the Sims 2 Body Shop application can be imported to the Sims 2 website. Players can also share their Sims creation with other players using the Sims 2 Exchange application.