THE SETTLERS - Rise of an Empire

Blue Byte GmbH (Proprietary)

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire is a real-time strategy game that was first released in 2007. It is the sixth title in The Settlers game series. The game focuses on the four Es – extermination, exploration, expansion, and exploitation. Players get to control and manage a settlement where the needs of the settlers must be met. The settlers gather resources and manufacture goods. Failure to fulfill the needs of the community results in a strike. There are elements present in the game that weren’t included in previous The Settlers games. One of which is winter. When winter comes, the settlers cannot harvest and fish. Another addition is female settlers.

The game offers two game maps – Free Settlement and Quest. In Free Settlement players have the freedom to build the city without worrying about objectives. On the other hand, Quest maps give the players several objectives that must be completed. The game campaign offers sixteen different missions that are spread across four different zones. Other features of the game are the following:

• Settlers interact freely with other settlers
• The game users the RenderWare engine that creates a realistic and detailed environment
• The outcome of the game depends heavily on the economy controlled by the player
• Created for beginners and advanced gamers alike
• Multiplayer mode that allows users to play against others or play as a team