THE SETTLERS - Heritage of Kings

Blue Byte Software (Proprietary)

The Settlers – Heritage of Kings is a real-time strategy video game developed by Blue Byte Software and published by Ubisoft. It is the fifth part of the “The Settlers” game series and was first released on February 18, 2005. The game’s story follows the quest of Dario, the king’s son, and his companions as they try to bring peace back to their land by defeating the evil Mordred. Unlike the previous installment, this game does not allow the player to choose which character to play.

The goal of the game is the same as with the other installments – to establish a thriving settlement while gathering an army and defeating enemies. However, this installment offers more features that can be utilized in-game. For instance, there are now refineries for different sources that enable players to build more structures faster. Also, buildings can now be upgraded allowing these buildings to perform its specific tasks more effectively.

Aside from the campaign mode, the game also features a multiplayer mode where players can play with other players over the Internet or LAN. The multiplayer mode offers a different set of maps and game modes. There’s the Mining (standard mode) wherein the player’s goal is to destroy all the buildings and units of the opponents. Another game mode is called the Technological race, wherein the opposing teams must establish new technologies.