The Secret of Margrave Manor 1

Inertia Software (Shareware)

The Secret of Margrave Manor is a hidden object adventure game that was released in 2012. The game takes place in a manor. Players assume the role of Edwina Margrave, the granddaughter of the manor’s owner. The task of players is to locate the missing grandfather, and to do this, they must find clues. Players must go to different locations in the manor and find a list of items that are at the bottom of the screen. These items are crossed out once they have been found in the scene. There are also hints for when players get stuck looking for an item.

Aside from the hidden object game, players also get the chance to solve other puzzles and mini games, such as spot the difference. As more locations are visited, more of the story is revealed. Players are also given different items that will be stored in their collection.

Features of this hidden object game include:

• Positions of hidden items in each location are changed, so the game is never played the same
• Interesting mysterious storyline
• Has hint system that replenishes after a few minutes
• Has three game modes that users can play (freeplay, storyline, and item collection)
• Comes with mini games