The Scourge Project: Ep 1 and 2

Tragnarion Studios. (Proprietary)

The Scourge Project: Ep 1 and 2 is a multi-platform, third-person shooter game. It focuses on co-operative gameplay; up to four players will each experience a unique storyline during the course of the game, even while playing together as a team. The game is set in the near future. In this game, players assume the role of a member of the Echo Squad tasked to attack the Nogari Corporation and rescue a character named Dr. Reisbeck. Another mission given to players is to recover a fragment of a meteorite used by Nogari in their energy source.

The game can be played in single, multiplayer, and co-operative mode. The co-op campaign consists of five hours of gameplay. Each character in this mode has a distinct special ability that is needed in order to accomplish the given missions. For groups with less than four players, a squad AI will fill in to complete the team. There are nine weapons players can choose from to match their abilities and style. In multiplayer mode, the game can accommodate up to 16 players. The multiplayer games include Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Frontier, and Deathmatch.

There are 37 badges that players can unlock in the game. The Scourge Project: Ep 1 and 2 also has an XP system where players can track their experience points and skills in the multiplayer and co-op campaign modes.