The Saboteur

Electronic Arts (Bundled)

The Saboteur is a third person video game that was first released in 2009. The game is set in World War II during Germany’s invasion of France. Players assume the role of Sean Devlin, an Irishman popular in the racing circuit in Paris. Players are free to roam around Paris, Germany, and France. The different areas in the game are color-coded. Black and white areas are occupied by Nazis, the French Resistance is represented by blue and red, and German-occupied areas are represented in bright red.

The aim of the game is to bring back the hope of the French people by overthrowing the Germans. Areas that are restored are displayed in full color. The game character can be upgraded. This can be done in the form of perks. Perks allow the player to have more ammo, improve the player’s accuracy, and increase enemy damage. The character can use a direct approach and go into hand-to-hand combat with enemies, or choose to move stealthily by wearing a disguise or sneaking from location to location. Apart from the perks achieved when leveling up, players can also purchase new items from merchants in the black market. Items available in the black market are game maps, ammo, weapons, and bombs.