The Rise Of Atlantis

Big Fish Games (Proprietary)

The Rise of Atlantis is a Match-3 puzzle game developed and released by Big Fish Games. The Rise of Atlantis is played by swapping adjacent tiles to form a line of three or more. When a line of similar tiles is formed, the tiles are removed from the board and the player acquires a puzzle piece that should fit on the object outline that is being formed. These outlines represent artifact pieces from Atlantis.  When all the 7 magic artifacts are complete, they will be placed on the Altar of Poseidon as a sacrifice to rise up from the ocean, the continent of Atlantis.

The Rise of Atlantis features 77 levels. On each level, the player is given a board of tiles featuring different icons. The goal is to acquire the artifacts and offer them to Poseidon to appease him. To swap adjacent tiles, the player needs to left click the swapping icons in quick succession. For every matching 3 or more tiles, a puzzle piece emerges at the bottom. To acquire artifact pieces, the puzzle pieces must be fitted with each other to form the outline of the puzzle. The Rise of Atlantis also comes with game power ups like Lightning, Sun, and Bombs. The timer bar is located at the bottom, which ticks away the duration of time the player can play before losing that level.