The Print Shop

Broderbund Properties LLC (Proprietary)

The Print Shop is a program that allows users to design different materials, such as booklets, pamphlets, posters, and banners. Designing knowledge is not needed in order to use the application, which makes it ideal for novice computer users and non-technical users. The application has several design tools. They are the following:

• Page Layout – The application consists of several page layout tools allowing users to work with calendars, guides, tables, and paper stocks. This enables users to create projects without starting from scratch.
• Templates – Several templates for different projects are built in to the application. Templates can be used for different occasions. There are stickers, packs, and also a project picker so users can select from different project templates.
• Designing – Various design tools are integrated into the program. These include different attributes that users can change including gradients of colors, transparency, shadows, and many others.
• Text Editor – The program also comes with a text editor that consists of basic and advanced tools for editing text. Users can work with headlines and columns, as well as wrap text on projects.
• Photo Editor – Photo editing tools are also integrated into the program. Users can touch up images, crop them into different shapes, fix the red-eye effect on images, or automatically correct colors of a photo.

After creating projects with The Print Shop, users can share the creations on Facebook. Projects can also be emailed or saved as an HTML file.