The Price is Right 1.0.2

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

The Price is Right is a game show program developed and published by WildTangent, Inc. The game was initially released on March 27, 2008. The game is solely based on The Price is Right television game made by Bob Stewart.

As it is based on the TV show, the game follows the same gameplay wherein the player competes with other players to win prizes and cash. This is done by correctly guessing the prize of the chosen merchandise. At the start of the game, the player is selected within the crowd with the player choosing his or her own name. The game’s goal is to win as much money and prizes before getting three strikes.

There are different levels in the game. The first is one is the Contestants’ raw, wherein the player with the bid closes to the real retail price of the merchandise wins a prize and get the chance to play the pricing game. The pricing game also enables the player to spin the wheel. Another game level is the Showcase Showdown, wherein two showcases are displayed. The two last contestants make bids on the showcase. The one with the bid closest to the real amount of the showcase wins that showcase. If the player made a bid less than a hundred dollars from the true value of the showcase, the player can win both of the showcases.