The path (Proprietary)

The Path is an interactive horror fiction art game developed by the company, Take if Tales. It adopts a psychological brand of horror that is expressed all throughout the game’s story. The player assumes the role of six sisters, which appear in a bare room at the start of the game. Each of the sisters must go on a journey through the woods to Grandmother’s house in which they are instructed to “stay on the path”. The player can choose any order in which to play the sisters, and once the journey begins, she must explore the forest and pay attention to various objects scattered around the area. These items can either be examined by the player or be picked up and added to the girl’s basket. A common encounter among the sisters involves that of a wolf character, which gives the player a glimpse of their individual personalities.

As soon as the player meets the wolf, the screen becomes black and then displays a cut scene featuring the girl and the wolf. Afterwards, the girl is shown by the door of the Grandmother’s house, but in a state of disarray and confusion. The player must now lead her into a specific part of the house that is determined by the events that previously transpired in the forest. The mission ends there, and if the player gets a passing grade, s/he can proceed to select the next sister to play.