The Partners

Monte Cristo Multimedia (Proprietary)

The Partners is a simulation game set in a law firm. Players assume the role of junior partners in a law firm and get to interact with other employees. The office environment provides a setting for different kinds of relationships and interactions. Players also get involved in several cases and work with other lawyers. The game features 20 lawyers and three campaigns or scenarios covering 21 missions. Players can make use of over a hundred possible interactions as they progress through the game. As they interact with others, players will experience success, rivalries, and even office politics and affairs.

Some of the highlights of the game include:

• Relationship management – as a junior partner in the law firm, a player must use his or her human resource management skills in shaping relationships between employees, making the office setting more conducive to productive work, and ensuring that everyone has a pleasant workday
• Game scenarios – there are three different law firms, each with a different scenario. In each scenario, players are given goals to accomplish, such as welcoming a new lawyer into the firm and winning a case.
• Worker interactions – players build the relationships between coworkers. Characters may become friends or enemies depending on the interactions selected by players. All of the lawyers in the firm need love, so players can apply interactions that would spark a romance or even just give a romantic feeling to the character that needs it.