The Panorama Factory V5 5.3

Smoky City Design LLC (Shareware)

The Panorama Factory is a photo and image tool. It is designed to let users create panoramas in high quality. These can be done by overlapping digital images. This tool will then transform the image and join them together.

The Panorama Factory has a Wizard tool that can stitch photos by just clicking the mouse a few times. It can also detect the rotation of the camera. The same is also true with tilting. There are automatic tools for "de-ghosting” and focal length. It can also be done manually. This enable the software to provide powerful tools to edit images. These include correcting distortions and adjusting colors and brightness. It also provides support for image formats, such as JPG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG.

The Panorama Factory has a tools menu that lets users have access to useful items. Among them are for color management, alignment, and trimming properties. There are dedicated tools for important editing operations such as the following:

• Cropping
• Resizing
• Sharpening
• Barrel Distortions
• Brightness

There is also a useful "Help Menu" that provides a manual for using the application. It has information on everything that the software has. It also works smoothly on Windows. This is because it only uses moderate CPU and RAM.