The Official Driver Theory Test

Imagitech Ltd. (Proprietary)

The Official Driver Theory Test is an application developed and enhanced by Imagitech, Ltd. to help beginner drivers. It helps users learn practical lessons about driving and pass the theory test. The software also promotes a more efficient and less dangerous campaign when hitting the road. It contains two parts: a Multiple Choice Test and a Hazard Perception Test. It also comes with Bonus Revision Aids with concentration on road signs, highway codes, and mobile connectivity.

In addition, The Official Driver Theory Test will assist the user by giving virtual examinations and by assessing the user’s performance to monitor his or her progress. Moreover, this software allows the user to view some of the real roads and highways in the United Kingdom. It also includes numerous video clips that will help users become familiar with road signs.

This application does not only refer to driving a typical car; it may also be used by those using bikes, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles. The product comprises the following package:

• Possible questions that might come out in the actual theory test
• Test training tool for learning motorcyclists
• Training tool for drivers of large vehicles
• Hazard awareness video clips and compilation
• Exclusive DSA justifications about highway codes

The Official Driver Test Theory also comes in other media formats such as DVDs and eBooks.