The Office

MumboJumbo Online (Proprietary)

The Office is a time management and adventure video game developed by the company, MumboJumbo. It is adapted from the popular NBC TV comedy series, The Office. In this game, the characters are given respective tasks, which they must accomplish within a given time limit. The character Michael announces to the office staff that he will be holding an “efficiency competition” in which everyone is participating. The player assumes the role of Jim and tries to compete with the other characters, namely Dwight, Ryan, Angela, Andy, and Michael in order to play the game. The characters play pranks on one another to prevent as they race to the finish line. As Jim runs around the office, his prank meter fills up and once it reaches the top, he and Pam can prank their opponents.

References to the sitcom can be seen every now and then in the game. For instance, Jim places Dwight’s desk supplies inside the office vending machine. Other pranks can be pulled by Jim to slow down his colleagues so that he can win awards. Instead of cash prizes, the awards include Micheal’s “World’s Best Boss” mug, a stapler covered in Jell-O, and Dwight’s bobble head figurine. Power-ups are offered to Jim before moving on to the next round, which enable him to speed up the prank meter, increasing the points of a completed task, or prolonging the life of the caffeine charger.