The Mystery of the Crystal Portal - Beyond the Horizon

Artogon Studio (Shareware)

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal - Beyond the Horizon is a hidden object game, which tells the second part of Nicole’s story. Nicole has finally found her father, but unfortunately they were trapped in a realm of floating islands without a way home. Nicole’s father may know a way, but needs Nicole to search for it. Players help Nicole and her sidekick Igor accomplish the necessary tasks that would enable them to go home for good.

In each level, players are given a task to do, such as finding maps or unlocking a gate. In order to accomplish tasks, they must first be able to accomplish smaller tasks, such as cleaning up a room or repairing a broken machine. A sparkle points the players to items that need their attention. When clicked, a group of circles with images of items that need to be collected are shown. Players must then locate the items and drop these onto their respective circles. Once all of the items are found, players can accomplish the first task by using the collected object from the completion of the hidden object scene.

The player’s current task is displayed on the bottom part of the game screen, while the inventory items are stored in the circle at the lower left part of the screen. Hints are also provided to help players locate objects.