The Mummy (PC)

Southern Rebellion, Universal, Konami (Shareware)

The Mummy (PC) is a PC game developed by Southern Rebellion, Universal, Konami Corporation. It was released in the year 2000. This fast-pace and action-filled computer game is based on The Mummy movie series which first came out in cinemas in 1999. This game is popular for its visual effects which seek to uphold the tradition begun by the film series it was based from. Computer gamers find this game diverting, absorbing, and potentially addicting.

The Mummy (PC) is a third person adventure video game that is available to players online. The Mummy (PC) by Rebellion is a PC game from the makers of Aliens vs. Predator. This game is published by Konami, Universal Interactive. The Mummy is a good action game for teens and adults who enjoy similar games such as the Tomb Raider series.

Players of The Mummy (PC) are tasked to fight armies and evil minions of the guardian Mummy. As expected this game is wrought with animated violence and plenty of blood and gore. The Mummy is full of challenges that players have to overcome before he or she can be declared triumphant over the vengeful and evil Mummy.

The Mummy (PC) is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.