The Movies: Stunts & Effects

Lionhead Studios Limited (Proprietary)

The Movies: Stunts & Effects is the expansion pack from the simulation game involving movie-making called The Movies. This expansion pack was released in 2005, a few months after the release of the base game. The expansion offers additional content to the game including more costumes for the actors, more props, set locations, and also backdrops. In addition, a stuntman is added to the list of employees. Other main features of the expansion pack are the following:

• Free Cam – With the Free Cam feature, players have the opportunity to have total control of the camera. This allows more freedom for the movement of the camera and the composition of shots.
• Stunts – With the addition of the stuntman, player can now expand the scope of making movies. Players can add dangerous jumps, fight scenes, and falls to the script.
• Lens Overlays – The expansion pack also features camera overlays, which allows players to add a layer of effect to the lens camera. Some of the overlays included are binoculars, mud, and wet glass.

Other additions to the game are green and blue screens for compositing effects, small cities for filming a cinematic scene, and a western-themed set. Some of these additions are only available after the player has reached movie-making in the 1960’s in the base game.