The Movies™

Lionhead Studios Limited (Proprietary)

The MoviesTM is a movie-making simulation game that was first released in 2005. Players assume the role of a film magnate who must keep the movie studio running by managing the cast and crew while trying to create a successful movie. The gameplay is divided into three tasks – creating a set for the movie in the studio, managing the careers of the superstars, and creating a movie. Players have the option to focus on balancing these three tasks, or opt to focus on one task.

The game takes players through the process of making films from the early days up to present day. Filming during the early days required less people in the crew and basic film equipment, while making a movie in the present day requires more people to operate state-of-the-art movie equipment. Players must also take care of the actors and keep them happy. They have several needs (a trailer, salary, and an entourage) that affect their mood, thus also affecting the outcome of the movie. The studio lot must also be developed. Different decorations and buildings can be incorporated  to add to the studio’s prestige. Users can watch the movie created after the post-production process. There is no limit to the length of the movie that can be made, as long as there is budget available for it.

Other features of the game are:

• Own scripts can be used for filming
• Experience filming in the 1920s to the 2020s
• Take full control of the studio and talents