The Mop 2013.5.10

The Mop Team (Shareware)

The Mop is an application that allows users to remove the junk files in their computer. The program has a wizard interface that takes users through the steps of using the application. It offers three types of scanning methods, which are:

• Express – This mode can be used daily and is the quickest scan available.
• Regular – The regular mode performs scanning of disks to find junk files in different locations.
• Thorough – The thorough mode is used for deep scanning of the computer.

Users also have the option to choose which disk to scan. This can be done under the Disk List tab. All the drives available in the computer are displayed as a list including information, such as the drive letter, volume label, file system, total size, and free size. Users just need to check the boxes beside the disks to scan. After the scanning process, there are three cleaning modes that the user can choose from:

• Move junk to recycle bin
• Remove items from computer (can be restored using retrieval software)
• Strong erase for permanent removal of files

The program can be configured under the Settings window. There are options for launching the program as soon as the computer boots and performing automatic scanning and cleaning of the computer.