The Missing Sync for Android

MarkSpace Inc. (Proprietary)

The Missing Sync for Android is an application for synchronizing data on an Android device to the user's computer. The application syncs data such as contacts, calendar, and notes to the computer. It also pulls out message archives on the Android phone and keeps a backup of them on the computer. The backup can be sorted and organized on the computer. The program syncs each Android application on a specific computer program. For example, it syncs Android Contacts to Windows Outlook on the computer. Bookmarks on the Android device synchronize with Internet Explorer. The program can sync music playlists to iTunes. Call history can also be saved on the computer.

The Missing Sync for Android synchronizes with a computer through different methods. It can synchronize wirelessly through WiFi or Bluetooth. It can also synchronize by connecting the Android device to the computer through a usb connector. The program can also transfer to and from the Android device through the methods mentioned above. Document files such as Word and PDF can be transferred (and synced). Music and photos can also be transferred and synced through WiFi. This means editing a photo on the computer also updates the similar photo on the Android device.