The Maxifier 1.4

Gary Smith (Freeware)

The Maxifier is an application that is designed to run Vista Media Center on dual monitors. When the Media Center is maximized on the second monitor, it captures the mouse so users are not able to move it to the first monitor. With this application, users can maximize the Media Center on the second monitor and retain control of the mouse and use it in the first monitor. This application sits on the system tray in the taskbar’s notification area and may be launched when users click on its icon. Users can also run Media Center from this application.

On dual monitors, users can access the application from the main monitor and click on Full Screen from the application’s menu. Media Center will then be maximized on the second screen, and users can go back to the main screen. There is also a Fit to Screen option that retains the Windows borders on the Media Center, and a Minimize option that minimizes it to the Windows taskbar. Users can also opt to move the Media Center to the main monitor.

For systems with more than two monitors, users can specify which one to use to open Media Center on. In addition, users can open the settings and specify the size of the Media Center when it is maximized. The Maxifier also enables users to set Hotkeys for operating Vista Media Center from their keyboards.