The Matrix - Path of Neo

Shiny Entertainment (Freeware)

The Matrix – Path of Neo is a video game based on The Matrix series of movies. Unlike its predecessors, it allows gamers to play the role of the main character, Neo, beginning from the time when he only knew himself as Thomas Anderson, a hacker who was still quite ignorant of the existence of the Matrix, to the point when he finally becomes “The One.”

Players undergo training, and as the game progresses and as they continuously face challenges, their skills in handling weapons, martial arts, and special abilities improve.  They get to meet the characters featured in the movie, as well as new ones, both friend and foe.  This includes allies Trinity and Morpheus, and Neo’s formidable enemy, Agent Smith.  

The Matrix: Path of Neo is game of decisions, starting from making the choice of whether to take the blue pill or the red pill from Morpheus.  Where the game leads is highly dependent on the players’ decisions – how they handle certain situations, the places they choose to go, whether they win a fight or not, and so on.      

There are certain scenes in The Matrix: Path of Neo that are not in the movies, and players may find themselves following a path the Neo never took.