The Logo Creator

Laughingbird Software (Shareware)

The Logo Creator is a graphics utility used for creating logos, podcast covers, blog images, and other graphic arts. It allows users to alter predesigned graphics images with its predefined templates. The program’s interface is intuitive. It is designed to guide users throughout the logo creation process. The interface is composed of three windows where users can choose the actions and elements to be used in the logo. It also has a preview window that displays the edited artwork in real time.

The Logo Creator offers the following features:

• Custom Templates – The program has built-in templates that can be used when creating logos or any graphic images. However, users may also create their own templates and save these templates for future use. Custom-made templates can be stored in a separate folder for categorization purposes.
• Element Setter – The application features the element setter, which can be used to select the built-in logo elements. This feature also supports drag-and-drop allowing users to pull any logo element from the logo library by simply dragging and dropping it to the canvas.
• Object and Text Creation Control – This feature allows users to insert various objects and texts onto the logo. The Element Setter feature provides several object categories. To insert objects or text, the user only has to choose the desired element. The program also features Tabs to organize the object or text to be inserted.
• Downloadable Content – Aside from the pre-built elements and logo sets, users can also download content online.