The Legend of Crystal Valley

Big Fish Games (Proprietary)

The Legend of Crystal Valley is a point and click game that was first released in 2009. The game starts when Eve gets a note from her father asking her to visit him at his estate. When Eve gets to her father’s place, she is transported to Crystal Valley through a portal. She also learns that the citizens of Crystal Valley know who her father is. Players must help Eve find her father by visiting different locations and investigating items.

Users can check the mouse pointer and use it as a guide when investigating different parts of a scene or location. The mouse pointer changes color depending on the activity that can be done in a certain area. When the pointer is green, players can interact with a character or an item on the screen. When it changes to blue, Eve can visit a new location. There are different types of puzzles that the player has to solve throughout the game. Solving these puzzles will help Eve get clues to her father’s whereabouts. There are also several characters that Eve will meet along the way. Conversations with these characters are also provide clues that will help Even in her journey.