The Last Village

Belugerin Studios (Freeware)

The Last Village is a time management and strategy game in which players are tasked to lead an Apache Indian community and defend their village from enemies such as other Indian tribes and white people. Players have to set up a strategy to construct defensive buildings, handle agribusiness transactions, trade for weapons, develop agriculture, train their troops, and send forces to battle against attackers who want to take over their village.

Players are given 75 days to keep their village free from harm. At the top left corner of the game screen, players can see how many days they have been able to defend their village from enemies. Each game round counts as one day, so every time the round ends without harm coming to the village, the number increases by one. To help protect the village, players can train five different armies, each led by a commander who has a special ability.

At the top center portion, players can see the statistics of their current available resources that consists of wood, food, iron, and gold. It also shows the village’s population. Players must make sure that their resources are enough for their people. The other statistics such as troop count and weapons are located at the right side. Above the troop statistics is the mini map that is helpful when determining the direction the enemy forces are taking, so players can prepare to attack the enemies to defend their village.