The Juicer

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

The Juicer is a shooting game in which players defend their farm from the onslaught of genetically-modified fruits and vegetables. The angry mob is the product of a fertilizer experiment gone wrong, and to completely obliterate their species, players must collect enough juice while keeping their farm safe. Players are given a simple shotgun at the start of the game. The gun is situated at the bottom of the screen. To help players in aiming at targets, the weapon has crosshair marks. Players shoot targets by clicking on the left mouse button. A shot in the head inflicts more damage to the fruit and give the players more juice. When successful, the fruit falls and the juice meter, located at the right part of the screen, is filled up. When it is completely full, the level is completed.

Players can collect money and bonuses by shooting these as well. However, players must be careful not to shoot anti-bonuses that can make controlling the weapon difficult. Among the bonuses that can be obtained are extra time, slow motion time, extra juice, grenades, machine gun ammunition, and a shield of invulnerability. After each level, players can use their money to upgrade their weapons or buy more ammunition and grenades.