The Joy of Farming 1

Alawar (Shareware)

The Joy of Farming is a time management game where players are tasked to manage a farm. The player’s goal is to help farmer Joy to improve her farm by planting and harvesting a large variety of vegetables to be sold to customers. There are different vegetables available for planting including potatoes, carrots, and many others. The vegetables harvested can be turned into different types of products to get more profit. Money earned from selling products in each level can be used to upgrade farm equipment to make it faster and easier to product vegetables and meet the demands of customers.

The game is different from other games in the time management genre, as players have a side-view perspective instead of a top view like the usual. Because of this, players must also add ladders and ropes on the farm, so that workers can get to their destination faster. Players must also be wary of thieves that steal from the farm. Each level has a time limit, so players must finish all the goals in the level before time runs out. The game comes with several game levels that provide hours of gameplay. It also has a nice storyline that is suitable for the entire family.