The Island 1.1

Sahmon Games (Shareware)

The Island: Castaway is a casual video game wherein the player's main character must be able to survive on a deserted island. In this game, an ocean liner is ravaged during a storm while in the middle of the sea. The main character, Tom Allison, awakens alone on an uninhabited island. Some of the ship's passengers are also alive and found by Tom, who becomes the group’s leader. Together, they will look for food, clothes, and find a way to survive. Soon, the characters find inscriptions, all of which serve to unravel the mystery of the island.

In the Island: Castaway, the player will be given some tasks by the other survivors. Some of these tasks include catching fish, gathering wood, and building structures. There are fruits that can be found, which in turn, can be eaten by the group. Once Tom finds the fishing rod, seafood can be obtained and eaten as well. Tom is also given a set of recipes for the food obtained. The ingredients that Tom found on the island can be used to cook the food based on the recipes. Eating makes the character healthy, and is necessary so the character's health meter does not dip. This health meter decreases slowly. If it reaches the danger mark, some of Tom's abilities are temporarily unavailable, such as his ability to run.