The Incredible Machine 3

Sierra Online (Proprietary)

The Incredible Machine 3 is a video game that was released as Professor Tim’s Incredible Machines in some countries. The game’s goal is to arrange a collection of objects in complex fashion to perform a single task (like letting a ball go to a certain point in the gamefield). Some of the available objects include balls, motors, balloons, and boxes. Live objects like mice or cats can also be used. In every level, there are usually certain objects that cannot be moved. The player normally has to just connect the objects into these immovable objects in order to fulfill the goal. The game simulates the effects of air pressure and gravity.

The Incredible Machines 3 has an improved interface compared to the previous games. There are also added features such as CD tracks. There are levels and new objects available. There is freeform mode that allows players to create their own puzzles. When the player has reached expert field, he can challenge another person in versus mode.

The Incredible Machines has spawned many sequels, such as Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions. It has spawned a spinoff called the Incredible Toons. The iPhone and the iPad also have a version of the game released by Disney.