The Incredible Hulk™

SEGA (Proprietary)

Based on the Marvel Superhero Hulk, SEGA created and developed the video game The Incredible Hulk™ and released it on June 2008. Featuring a free-roam gameplay, The Incredible Hulk™ mirrors some key moments on the 2008 film, The Incredible Hulk. Other elements of the plot as well as characters hail from the comic book. The titular character, Hulk, battles his way across New York’s skyscrapers against other gigantic enemies. The game is set in the skyscraper-filled metropolis of Manhattan, New York.

The Incredible Hulk™ gameplay features free-roaming and Unlimited Destruction. With the Unlimited Destruction feature, players can destroy anything and everything in the game world. They may also utilize the surroundings as weapons. Game physics is persistent and damage to the game world remains. The Incredible Hulk™ builds on the Hulk’s rage to gain more power and defeat bigger enemies. Thus, the objective is to raise Hulk’s Rage Power.  

The Incredible Hulk™ features the playable character Bruce Banner as the Incredible Hulk. The game also features unlockable characters like the Abomination, Classic Hulk, Ironclad, Maestro, and Professor Hulk. Green Scar and Hulkbuster Iron Man may be unlocked only on the Playstation and Xbox 360 versions. The Incredible Hulk™ main antagonists are Abomination, Bi-Beast, the Enclave, and U-Foes. Major Glenn Talbot and General Thunderbolt Ross of the United States Army also made an appearance as Hulk’s enemies.