The Humans

Imagitec Design (Proprietary)

The Humans is a puzzle platformer developed by Imagitec Design and published by GameTek. In this game, the goal of the player is to control a specific number of human ancestors through a series of obstacles, enemies, and puzzles and take them to a safe abode. The player gets to manipulate only one caveman at a time and help him/her face various challenges like belligerent tribe members, deep chasms, and violent dinosaurs. There are 80 stages of evolution that players have to go through and bonus levels appear occasionally to give players an opportunity to save humans that have been captured by enemy tribes. In each level, the player must fulfill a certain goal, which could be anything from killing a given number of dinosaurs, locating a specific tool, or successfully bringing a human to a red tile spot. Once a level is completed, the player’s settings are reset as succeeding levels come with their own set of goals and tools. However, players get to keep their tribe and score as they advance to higher levels.

While the player can only control one human character at a time, s/he can switch to different members of the tribe at any time. Some levels allow only a maximum of eight controllable humans and others allow as few as three humans. In the event that a member of the tribe dies, s/he can be replaced as long as the tribe still has people in it. The player can add members to his/her tribe by rescuing captives during the course of the game.