The House of the Dead 3

Sega (Proprietary)

House of the Dead III is a horror - shooter game developed by Sega. It is a continuation of the 2nd game’s story set in 2019 where civilization has collapsed and the dead roam the land. Players must fight the undead through guns and shotguns while exploring the game’s wasteland at the same time. Zombies after zombies will appear in the screen and it is the player’s task to put them down.

In House of the Dead III, the player has to take down the undead using a shot gun. In this game, players no longer need to point the gun offscreen in order to reload it. Instead, the gun will reload automatically though it still takes time. There are also light guns whose speed in reloading is faster. The game’s storyline is now branching. The player has to choose some scenarios in the game in order to progress through the storyline. This means one player’s game will be different from another player. There are no civilians in the game. However, there are rescue missions in each stage where the player has to rescue his partner. When successful, the game will give an extra life.  

Other features of the game are the following:

• A “cancel bar” that the player has to shoot repeatedly to stun the enemy
• New rank and grade system that evaluates the player’s speed in putting down the zombies
• Players can have up to nine lives
• Time attack mode