The House Of The Dead 2

Wow Entertainment (Proprietary)

The House Of The Dead 2 is a rail shooting game. It follows the story of two agents named Gary Stewart and James Taylor, who both work for the AMS. The game is set fourteen months after the fictional events of the first game. The two are in Venice, where strange occurrences have been taking place. It is also the last known location of their colleague Agent G, who went missing in the last game. Gary and James receive a call from G and set out to meet him. Along the way they encounter a boss who states that G was only a warning. The two agents continue on and find G badly beaten up but conversant. G hands a field journal over to them in which he listed the bosses and their notable weak points. The notes will be used later in the game.

The two agents’ next task is to find Harry and Amy, two other agents. Along the way they encounter many zombies. Saving the civilians from the zombies is not enough; they must be able to find and defeat a character named Caleb Goldman who was responsible for funding and afterwards taking Curien’s research and using it for his own evil purposes, thereby proliferating the zombies.

The House Of The Dead 2 has different endings depending on which agent finished the game and the points earned.