The Heat of War

CITY Interactive (Shareware)

The Heat of War is a first-person shooter game set in World War 2 in the Pacific theatre. The specific setting is the island of Iwo Jima in the southern part of the Japanese archipelago. Based on true events, this computer game challenges players to achieve one goal, and that is to conquer Iwo Jima as American troops did in the last World War 70 years ago.

The developers of The Heat of War have gone out of their way to provide gamers an authentic World War II experience. This computer game features graphics and sounds that mimic the time that it is set, providing players with a real-life vibe. The Heat of War also gives modern gamers the opportunity to use authentic WW2 weapons such as the Tommy Gun and the classic Browning.

This exciting game features missions based on past events. Players can brush up on their history and learn how the American troops fought their way, albeit with difficulty and great loss of life, through the island until they managed to defeat the enemy and raise the American flag on the top of the mountain—an image that has become an icon of Allied victory in the Pacific.

This game offers players a comprehensive campaign comprising 10 levels. This action-packed shooter is also available in multiplayer mode, which features ten bonus maps and has six different varieties. This mode can accommodate as many as 16 players.