The Hadith Software. 1.1

Islamasoft Solutions (UK). (Freeware)

Islamasoft Solutions (UK) is a software company that designs PC and mobile applications that contribute to Islamic education. One of their products is called The Hadith Software, an application that integrates available English-translated Hadith databases through its use of plug-in technology. As an educational software, it is a digital resource for both Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested in learning about Islamic teachings and laws.

The Hadith Software allows users to export Hadith texts to a text editor, to mark and highlight words, to search and bookmark Hadith books/chapters on an advanced search engine, and to share Hadiths online. As of the present, the available plug-in databases are free for users to download (from older to newer): Shahi Bukhari, Shahi Muslim, Malkis Muwatta, Figh-us-Sunnah, Shamaa-il Tirmidhi, and Abu Dawud. There are also add-ons that are accessible such as Salat (prayers), Saum (fasting), Zakat (poor due), Hajj (pilgrimage), Janaziyah (funerals), and Thinkr (remembering Allah) and other extras.

The user-friendly interface of the Hadith Software allows for easy navigation among texts. On the left side of the screen is a listing of the downloaded plug-ins that is available for reading according to category and classification. Furthermore, users have the option to scroll down through the texts displayed on the right side of the screen or to click on specific chapters in the listing to read.